Low Doc Business Loans

Low Doc Business Loan

You might be asking: what is a low doc loan?


Put simply, it is a loan whereby the applicant or borrower, is not required to produce all of the paperwork or documentation 

normally required to prove their income, hence "low-doc".


Bank's on the other hand will ask for information such as tax returns, financial statements and evidence of continuous income,

with low doc loans you can avoid all of that stress. You don't need any kind of financial statements or records that are generally required to prove your financial position. A low doc business loan is ideal for startup enterprises that require quick financing or could miss an opportunity by waiting on time-hungry approval processes of the banks. A low doc loan is a convenient way to get access to funds for SME's that can be used to boost their activities or invest in marketing. 

If you believe that this type of loan is something you would like to pursue, simply follow along here to leave your details.

Occasionally, an opportunity arrives at the wrong time! As an SME, you may be under pressure to pay bills, wages, tax debts or suppliers and cash flow is down to just a trickle. Speaking with a bank, you know would be pointless, but with a low-doc loan, you have the advantage of a fast turnaround, and possible successful outcome.


Some banks might want to see a fully prepared business plan in addition to your financial statements and turnover reports. You could end up waiting months, only to be told "you don't qualify", or you were unsuccessful. If you have clear business objectives that you want to each, choosing to work with a no-doc small business loan will help you to tap into a long list of advantages. First, you can always negotiate the best terms and conditions for the loan you're searching for and specify the appropriate payment methods.

Applying and qualifying for a Low-Doc Small Business Loan is simple. 


As far as qualifying goes, getting approval for a low doc loan in Australia is easy and straightforward. However, most of these types of loans require "security", but you won't need much documentation to qualify. Having a bad credit history is not an obstacle to being offered a loan. Having no credit history also does not impact your capacity to access these loans. It is a way to have convenient access to cash flow without facing excessively complicated administrative procedures, rules and regulations; Victoria Mortgages is always here to assist Australian small businesses achieve their highest aspirations, we will assess your application quickly so that you can get on with your business.

Where can I access a Business Finance Low Doc Loan?

Victoria Mortgages offers an Australian-wide service to companies based in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin. We do not restrict who can apply in any way, so most enterprises are welcome to deal with us. Some of these loans most widespread uses are for building or investment in commercial property.


The application procedure is as simple as heading to our application page, where you will be requested to provide a minimum amount of information. We will invite you to provide a few more details once you are approved. Upon successful completion of the validation and signing of the agreement, the final stage is to have the cash deposited into your bank account, all with 24 hours

How would someone use a loan like this?

There are a range of ways that you can make use of a low doc business loan. Some of the most effective uses identified this year from our customers have been starting a new business or expanding an existing enterprise. Sometimes you may also need to rebuild your resources or to cover unexpected expenses, so you can keep your business viable. You may also have wages and salary expenses due for payment but you don't have the funds needed to do that, again the loan can be advantageous. If you are at the mercy of seasonal events, then this type of credit will have you fenced and shielded. Ultimately, how you use the cash is up to you, but it's always useful to know that if you need it, the money is accessible when you need it most.

No Doc Business Loans For ABN Holders.


No Doc or Low Doc Business loans are for business owners who do not have sufficient economic resources, low doc loans are a versatile financing solution. Do you have an ABN or plan to register for an ABN? Victoria Mortgages have no doc loans where you can you to lend up to $2 million for your small business financing requirements.  If don't have  an ABN you want to apply for one the you can go here to register. https:/www.business.gov.au/registrations/register-for-an-australian-business-number-abn


If I have an ABN, can I get a loan?

If you have an ABN, and you are a sole trader, contractor or subcontractors, small business owner, company  or individual who wish to commence their own business. This type of loan is only available to those with an ABN for commercial reasons. There is no necessity to provide financial statements or tax returns to qualify for this loan, providing the money is used wholly or predominantly for business use. Our short term low doc loan or 2nd mortgage does not involve any  repayment to be made by the borrower. This type of loan is ideal for businesses with no or inadequate trading history, therefore, we supply the best funding alternative.