Short Term Business Loans

Bridging Finance with 24 Hours

What will you do if your organisation required access to emergency funds immediately? If you don't know anyone who can help you, you can still go to the bank, and we already know, that the bank can't approve a loan that quickly, what would you do in that situation? But there's a convenient solution few businesses are aware called short-term business loans, many small SMEs don't even imagine that this facility exists. Our short-term contracts for settling debts run from 1 to 6 months, and in just 24 hours you can borrow from between $20,000, and $2 million.


This might give you a competitive advantage with your competitors, so if a  potential opportunity arises and presents itself, and you're confident there is a possible high return on any investment, getting your hands on the funds to buy into the opportunity would be crucial. Then having access to a short-term business loan and getting the funds you need the very next day could be a very fruitful decision.


The strategy to employ for this type of credit is to use it for a relatively short period,  you really do need to have an exit strategy, and we will ask you precisely about your exit strategy. You could plan to refinance the loan through your bank, sell inventory or property, or we can assist you in refinancing,  subject to conditions of course.


These loans are intended to be short-term, and standard interest rates are not used in the calculations. We will calculate the price of the loan when you apply so you can agree or not, the choice is up to you. Consider that with us, you are not under any obligation to proceed if you don't believe that the loan will assist you. It's likely though that by having to access the funds tomorrow, outweighs the expense of the loan, so it's a  win-win situation.


So don't put it off for an any longer, apply now and have a reply back within 2 business hours. If approved, you'll have the funds in your account the very next business day.

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